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Develop your own "Addie-tude"


ˈad  deeˌ t(y)o͞od
a particular way of competing in sports, or a mantra or approach, to which athletes subscribe too.  can also be applied to a particular way of looking at many aspects of life. to posses addie-tude, an athlete  must be physically and mentally strong, focused, adaptable, driven,  and able to persevere in the face of adversity.
"this team is competing with "addie-tude." they refuse to be rattled in the face of a very difficult opponent"
synonyms:  conviction, heart, passion, grit

What I do........

The culture of volleyball; one that provides opportunity beyond just winning and losing. By growing our young athletes, we ensure that the future of volleyball will thrive AND produce people who contribute to society because of their experience.

                                                           This site is for: 

-Camps/private lessons-small groups/practices

-opportunities to get stronger and smarter

-increase efficiency, consistency and confidence

-recruiting mentorship

-general training supervision/enhancement

-leadership meetings

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My goal is to help you and your players, not change anything you're doing. Maybe you just need some new drills, a fun but intense “outside the box” approach to get results. Maybe you struggle teaching a certain skill or area of the game. Success could also be as simple as using a fresh voice to inspire your team.

I offer my experience to add to your coaching toolbox, and get one practice (or several practices) closer to your team goal.

-tailored practice/team clinic

-coaches clinics

-team/coach evaluations

-Captain's meetings

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