ATTN: Coaches

*Tailored Practices------cost negotiable


I will make a “home visit” to your site and tailor the practice to fit your team's needs. Need new drills, ideas to improve techniques for success and consistency, or maybe just a fresh face/voice in the gym? Taking a night off? I can bring the clinic to YOU!

*technical skills breakdown for efficiency

*Any number of players

*Multiple teams combined

*Single session or multiple practices

*Training the intangibles-heart, adversity, being louder, leadership, mental toughness

*Team bonding challenges

Get one step closer to beating your toughest opponent, winning leagues and being a team that reaches the goals YOU set. Let me know how I can help your team AND add some tools to your coaching box.

Go to the "contact us" section on the home page and email me or call 530-400-2399530-400-2399


Your team is as good as it's leadership!  "No one will follow a leader that doesn't know where they are going".  Being a Team Captain is a role that is often misunderstood by players, even if some are natural leaders, many need to be guided into this role. 

I offer your players an opportunity to develop this LIFE SKILL.  They will have a better understanding of what it means to be a captain, how captains affect the team, why their role is different, hear/see examples of good leaders.  It's a win-win.  They benefit now AND for their future, you benefit by getting better leaders.

*guided meetings using workbook type tools and outside resources
*45mins-1 hr meetings
*before or after practice
*non practice days
*private meetings or multi-team meetings
*as frequently as needed
*$65/meeting (2+ people regardless of how many teams' captains)